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  • 베어 bear
  • 매거진F CURRY
  • 매거진B(한글판) 7-8월 합본호
  • 너와 걷는 길, 가수로 돌아온 김자연

[택배] 매거진B (영문판) Magazine B, 매거진비

발행사 :   카카오아이엑스
정간물코드 [ISSN] :   nois-0115
정간물 유형 :   잡지
발행국/언어 :   한국 / 영어
주제 :   경영, 광고/마케팅, 미술/디자인,
발행횟수 :   월간 (연10회)
발행일 :   익월 마지막주 발행 ex)5월호 6월 발행
08월호 정기발송일 :
정기구독가 (12개월) :  166,000 원 149,400 (10%↓)
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About the Issue


Welcome to the 77th issue of B.


Sometimes we think about the potential life span of a certain object. There are, of course, differences between people, but for me, the wristwatch is something that tells many stories about vitality. Made in a variety of materials and shapes, wristwatches seem to have proven more value when they stay longer on a person’s wrist. As decades-old wines and whisky are highly appreciated, wristwatches are valued for their unchanging shapes and mechanisms despite the passage of time. Owing to this, a luxury mechanical wristwatch holds even more significant symbolic meaning. In an era when time can be checked everywhere on electronic devices like smartphones and laptops, the survival of the analog accessories is even more markedly profound. And think about this: the advent of smartwatches was predicted to ruthlessly bring down the existing wristwatch industry, but so far, many consider the effect to have been a positive one. The smartwatch itself demonstrated to younger generations that the most useful and cost effective item they own is right on their wrist.


G-Shock, the brand featured in this issue, is a wristwatch brand that was born in Japan in 1983 and survived until today. But it’s not just a survivor—it’s a timepiece that’s caused a sensation and left its mark on the history of wristwatches. Except for luxury watches, G-Shock is quite possibly the only brand that can be recognized quickly at a glance. Undeniably distinctive, G-Shock is unique and original in many aspects. The originality of G-Shock results from a keen focus on functions, and its technical superiority is highlighted across design, marketing, branding, and business strategy. “A watch that will not break.” “A watch that can withstand a 10-meter free fall.” The creation of a product that can be represented so succinctly in a single phrase is an incredible feat, and this feat has won many fans over.


A product whose essence and properties can be summarized in one line is most likely to be remembered by people for a long time. When it is easier to explain and understand a product, word of mouth picks up speed, and the brand quickly becomes the talk of the town. The essence of G-Shock’s story is nothing short of “toughness,” and this simple message incites curiosity as if it were a myth. Thanks to the simplicity of its message, the originality of G-Shock remains intact even when it is mixed with any color or material. Even a total customization wouldn’t put a damper on the G-Shock spirit. And this is precisely the reason why G-Shock has a considerable number of fans for a wristwatch brand. It does not fall into either subcategory of digital or practical, and it has really become a genre that stands on its own. And this means that it has the power to set the rules of the game. KikuoIbe, who entered Casio as an engineer tocreate G-Shock, once talked about that freedom.“You can treat a G-Shock however you want.”


At this moment, we wonder if G-Shock’s originality is inherent—was it already there at the moment of its birth? According to our observation, the answer to the question is more likely a “no.” G-Shock employees say that they have continuously reiterated the essence of the brand and conducted hours of repetitive experiments. In short, they have waited together for G-Shock to become an irreplaceable, inimitable timepiece. A long wait requires as much courage as the invention of a product, which usually starts from ground zero. As we encounter fewer products that contain this kind of courage, brands like G-Shock impart an even more valuable experience on people.

It is our hope to continue to deliver more stories about products made by courageous people who go against the grain and resist conventional tried-and-true solutions.


Eunsung Park


Content & Editorial Director


  매거진B (영문판) Magazine B, 매거진비



발행횟수 (연)

  월간 (연10회)

발행국 / 언어


판형 / 쪽수

    /   쪽


  고등학생 , 일반(성인), 직장인, 대학(원)생, 전문직,



구독가 (12개월)

  정기구독가: 149,400원, 정가: 166,000원 (10% 할인)




  경영, 광고/마케팅, 미술/디자인,

관련교과 (초/중/고)

  사회 (정치/경제/사회/문화), [전문] 상업(기업/회계/무역), [전문] 디자인/인테리어/건축,


  경영학, 광고홍보학, 디자인학,




최근호 정기발송일( 08월호) :


  매거진B (영문판) Magazine B, 매거진비




  익월 마지막주 발행 ex)5월호 6월 발행


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Table of contents

02 Intro

09 Editor’s Letter

12 In Yamagata

Yamagata factory where premium G-Shock products are made


20 Opinion

KikuoIbe, inventor of G-Shock


26 Engineering

Intensive G-Shock performance tests


34 Components

A closer look at G-Shock components


40 Technology

G-Shock’s accurate time-telling technology and durable form


42 Lineup

Descriptions of each lineup by a G-Shock designer


48 Opinion

Masayuki Hirota, editor-in-chief, Chronos Japan


54 Retail

Specialty shops that sell G-Shock watches


60 Evolution

The evolution of wearable devices from mechanicalwristwatches to smartwatches


66 They Said

Wristwatches and G-Shocks worn by DJs, stylists, surfers, and jewelry designers


70 Opinion

Shinsuke “Alex” Nakada, director of Beams


76 Collaboration

The many sides of G-Shock seen through 57 collaborative products


84 Taste

The value of G-Shock described by neuroscientist HidetoTomabechi


88 Collection

A G-Shock collector talks to about his taste and reasons for collecting


92 Customizing

The story of one customizing expert’s strong attachment to G-Shock


98 The Molded


108 Brand Story

How a bulky, plastic wristwatch became a world-famous brand


116 From the Headquarters

Stories told by those in charge of G-Shock’s performance and design

120 About Casio

Tidbits on Casio, G-Shock’s mother company


122 Industry

Outlook on the future of wristwatches and interview with Jean-Claude Biver, the world’s most acclaimed wristwatch marketing guru


126 Dictionary

Wristwatch-related terms and definitions


128 Figures

The watch market in Japan and across the world in numbers along with G-Shock related figures


131 References


133 Outro





Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Editor’s Letter



Blue Bottle patrons of Tokyo


16 Opinion

Michael Phillips, Director of Coffee Culture, Blue Bottle Coffee


20 Slow Coffee

Blue Bottle’s three extraction recipes for balanced tastes


26 Mates

Baristas and roasters representing Blue Bottle’s distinctive coffee culture


30 Backstage

Oakland roastery and cupping room–the control room for taste at all Blue Bottle cafés


34 Essentials

Various Blue Bottle products showing off the brand’s aesthetic and use of new technology




TaesuIm, creative branding director of Stndrd


46 Atmosphere

Blue Bottle cafés in California bring out local cultures andquirks



Spaces that materialize the Blue Bottle brand philosophy and coffee experience



Saki Igawa, Executive Vice President of Experience, Blue Bottle Coffee


66 Atmosphere

Blue Bottle cafés in Japan reflect characteristics of different neighborhoods while remaining welcome and friendly


70 Café Society

Blue Bottle’s influence and driving force for growth, as explained by those involved with the brand


80 New Wave

Roastery cafés in Tokyo that are spreading specialty coffee culture after the arrival of Blue Bottle in Japan




96Brand Story

The stories behind Blue Bottle’s birth and growth


104 Interview

James Freeman, Founder, Blue Bottle CoffeeBryan Meehan, CEO, Blue Bottle Coffee


112 Henry House

Henry House, the Blue Bottle Coffee headquarters in Oakland

116 Session

Blue Bottle training imparts its corporate culture and hospitality philosophy to new employees


118 Partners

Large-scale investments and acquisitions that laid thefoundation for the brand’s growth


122 Origin

Locations where Blue Bottle Coffee’s single origin coffee beans are sourced


124 Coffee Capitals

Four cities with distinctly unique café cultures


128 Seoul

A look at Blue Bottle’s second global destination


132 Figures

Blue Bottle’s specialty coffee business and influence in numbers


135 References


137 Outro




Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Editor’s Letter


12Black Stretchy Pants

The status of Lululemon’s Align Pant as seen through media reviews


16 Opinion

Amanda Casgar, Director of Global Culture & Talent Integration, Lululemon


20 Milestones

Three Lululemon locations that served as turning points for the brand


26 Experiences

How Lululemon designs and utilizes space to pioneer experiential retailing


32 Opinion

Tom Waller, Senior Vice President of Whitespace™, Lululemon


46 Essentials

Lululemon’s key products and their characteristics born through research and experimentation


52 Dialogue

Interviews with Lululemon’s designers who add tactile delight to performance to complete the athleisure look


56 The Sweatlife

People who pursue wellness and their lifestyle items




64 Communities

Community-based wellness businesses advocating healthy lifestyles and mind-body balance


74 Opinion

Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Global Yoga Ambassador, Lululemon


78 Manifesto

Lululemon’s favorite quotes propose healthy ways of living and thinking


81 Vision & Goals

In-store Vision and Goals sessions help establish direction and objectives


84 Mindfulosophy

Stories of people who have achieved physical health and mental growth by making wellness part of their lives


90 Sensation


98 Brand Story

Lululemon, the market shifter offering sportswear that blends into everyday life, its growth, and its prospects


106 People

The corporate culture founded on Vision and Goals to encourage personal growth


110 Interview

Michelle Davies, Vice President Global Events and Athlete and Influencer Programs; Celeste Burgoyne, Executive Vice President,The Americas and Global Guest Innovation; and

Calvin McDonald, CEO


116 Celebration

The annual half-marathon summer festival in Vancouver gathers Lululemon communities from across the world

118 New Wave

Sportswear brands and wellness platforms that might become the next-generation Lululemon


122 Blue Chip

The sportswear industry seen through stock market trends and consumption patterns


124 Figures

The athleisure market and Lululemon’s growth seen through numbers


127 References


129 Outro




Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Editor’s Letter


12 At the Airport

Travelers encountered at the Suvarnabhumi Airport


20 Greeting

Unique Bangkok hotels with unwavering tastes and distinctive colors


30 Report

The aggressive growth and expansion of Bangkok’s hotel industry


34 Down to Earth

Commercial spaces in Bangkok that propose healthy lifestyle solutions


46 Interview

Ou Baholyodhin, chief creative officer at Sansiri Public Company Limited, and Tyler Brûlé, editor-in-chief of Monocle, discuss future cities and new forms of residential environment


50 Hub

TCDC, the hub of designers and creative minds in Thailand


54 Bangkokian

Bangkok creators who express their identities with Thailand as their base


64 Space

Galleries and community spaces nested in Bangkok and its Old City area


74 City Navigation

Sociocultural characteristics and figures that shed light on Bangkok


82 Skyline

The historical, architectural, and economic significance of Bangkok’s skyscrapers


86 Districts

Walking routes in each Bangkok district that showcase the city’s various charms


96 On the Street

Daytime and nighttime food chats with people on the streets


100 Dine and Bar

Bangkok’s dining scene and nightlife attractions reflecting Thai tradition and culture


108 Coffee Break

A wide spectrum of coffee and dessert shops found in Bangkok


116 Made in Thailand

Thai brands that emanate authentic style and attitude


122 Communication

Thailand’s commercial design scene seen through Bangkok’s prominent agencies and their work



126 Objects

Bangkok lovers share the city’s aesthetics and their treasured collectibles from Bangkok


134 Discover

Places worth visiting in Bangkok categorized by interest


141 Outro




Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Editor’s Letter



Chanel’s powerful influence revealed in commentary by media

and public figures



Definition of fashion and luxury by Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld

24At the Grand Palais

Where Chanel showcases the magic of its collections in creative renditions of Paris


26 Opinion

Eric Pfrunder, Chanel Image Director


30 Runway

Chanel’s world view reflected in its Spring-Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection


36 People

Caroline de Maigret, Chanel global ambassador, and Michel Gaubert, sound designer


40 After the Show

Lily Taïeb, actress and model, and Soo Joo, Chanel brand ambassador and model, speak about the Chanel brand


48 People

Gee Eun, creative director of YG Entertainment, and Laure HériardDubreuil, founder of The Webster


52 Publication

Chanel’s heritage and world view represented in art publications


58At Her Apartment

Chanel’s 31 Rue Cambon apartment housing the eclectic objects that inspired Chanel collections



Amanda Harlech, creative consultant


66Personal Style

Five people speak about the joy of styling with Chanel items


70 Talks

Chanel described by Justine Picardie, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar UK, and Kwangho Shin, editor-in-chief of Vogue Korea


82At Place Vendôme

The Watches and Fine Jewelry boutique and other workshops located at Place Vendôme



Authenticity of Chanel perfumes preserved by Pégomas in Grasse and Olivier Polge, Chanel’s fourth generation perfumer



Lucia Pica, Chanel Global Creative Makeup & Color Designer




98At the Boutique & Spa

Chanel Le Marais Beauté, delivering the brand’s narrative, and Chanel au Ritz Paris Spa, maximizing the values suggested by Chanel skincare


102 Creation

Chanel’s classic items featured and reiterated


116 Craftsmanship

Four ateliers inheriting the tradition and heritage of the Chanel legacy


136 Brand Story

The life of Gabrielle Chanel, creator of a distinctive fashion empire, and the timeless brand’s influence throughout the years


144 Interviews

VirginieViard, Chanel Creative Studio Director, and

Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Chanel Fashion


150 Archive

Themes introduced in collections over the past two years


156 Communications

Chanel’s traditional values communicated through new media


158 Monsieur

Iconic men who helped Chanel expand into the men’s category




165 Outro



■ Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Editor’s Letter


12 Into the City

Six creators based in Copenhagen discuss Danish design and




Anthony Aconis, brandingexpert


22 Scenes

A beginner’s guide to drone terminology and regulations


28In Hay House

Hay’s flagship store located in Copenhagen’s largestcommercial district 



Six keywords and products that represent Hay’s designphilosophy



Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec,designers



Hay’s design philosophy seen through various collaboration works



Brand orientation reflectedin Hay’s market-conceptkitchenware collection



Dan Stubbergaard, founder and creative director of Cobe Architects


Hay products in homes and offices of Hay lovers


86 Fun & Functionality 


96Brand Story

Hay’s growth story and its proposition of new Danish design



The ideal balance of quality and price achieved through Hay’s manufacturing process



Hay’s Copenhagen office in charge of the brand’s creative side



Hay’s partnership with Herman Miller signals full-scale expansion into North America



Hay’s design foundation laid by prominent designers of 20th century Denmark



Rolf & Mette Hay, cofounders of Hay



Denmark’s furniture market and Hay’s growth seen through numbers




125 Outro


잡지 맛보기가 없습니다.


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