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About the Issue

Welcome to the 72st edition of B.

I occasionally walk around and observe the state of our staff members desks. For 

most of us, our work desk is not only where we spend most of our time throughout

the day, but its a personal space thats not exactly private. Therefore, people dont 

usually place precious and expensive objects or things that require a lot of careful 

maintenance on their work desks. But you still need something that says me. I 

think people who work in a creative industry, in particular, will agree with this to a 

certain extent. Using or looking at a certain object can help us momentarily clear

our heads and give our brains a respite from work. The same is true for my work

desk, from which Im writing these very words. A lot of objects catch my eye: mini 

candles, decorative knickknacks that fit in the palm of my hand, chocolates and 

mints in well-designed cases, and local brand post-its and lip balms from my 

travels and business trips. Many of them are things I use every day yet are not 

irreplaceable. They offer a small morale boost in the same way a good cup of coffee

does. But more importantly, theyre all objects that can be used within a communal

office space without causing much distress.

Thats a bit like how I view the products of Hay, the living and lifestyle brand 

were focusing on in this issue. My first experience with Hay came in the form of a 

pair of gold-colored scissors displayed in a design shop somewhere in Europe. After

 that, I purchased various items here and there from different shops: clothes hangers 

in different colorful patterns, diamond-shaped steel trays, and toothbrushes where 

the bristles were the same color as the handle. Recently, I bought a few of their mini

notebooks designed in collaboration with Design Miami and a polypropylene

shopping bag. Whats interesting is that whenever I buy a Hay product, I dont 

think too deeply about its price, practicality, or taste. This is probably because their 

designs are actually quite eye-catching without being excessive, and their products 

arent expensive enough to make you ruminate over the opportunity cost. This not

only applies to their design products but their furniture as well. The inclusivity of 

Hays designs is what makes their chairs, tables, and shelves welcome in the homes 

of parents who have to make compromises for their kids or casual cafés and startups

who have limited budgets for their interiors. The Copenhagen locals we met who 

use their products also talked about Hays inclusivity. The Hay products they own 

go well with other objects in their homes, whether theyre more expensive or 

cheaper than Hays. Their products dont cower in the face of bigger names, but 

they also know how to lend the spotlight to the main character, making them like a 

friend you always want to have around. 

Were not the kind of people who need to own all the things we love. Of all their 

media interviews, this comment from Rolf and Mette Hay, Hay founder and 

creative director, is what hit closest to home for me. It also hints at many other

things. In a life where we always have to use our time and money sparingly, we 

cant always make the best decision or take first place all the time, because being

first takes a lot of information and energy. The moments where we have to settle 

for second or third are much more common in life than we realize. This also means 

that a brand doesnt necessarily have to aim for its product taking the number one

spot. There are a lot or opportunities in being able to provide an appealing

alternative. In the realm of lifestyle and home living, including furniture, the gap 

between high-end and mainstream brands has been especially large. Hay realized

this and established itself as a unique alternative without imitating or supplicating to

high-end brands; occasionally, that alternative has even surpassed the number one 

player. An increasing wealth of brands, spaces, and experiences that offer a second 

or third option after the number one equates to an increased quality of life. In this 

respect, I dont think itd be far stretched to say that Hay contributes to the 

happiness index, just like its home city of Copenhagen has. While exploring the last

brand well cover in 2018, we hope our readers will be able to reflect on the things

and experiences that increase their own happiness index. 

Eunsung Park

Content & Editorial Director

  ŰB () Magazine B, Ű


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Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Editors Letter


12 Into the City

Six creators based in Copenhagen discuss Danish design and




Anthony Aconis, brandingexpert


22 Scenes

A beginners guide to drone terminology and regulations


28In Hay House

Hays flagship store located in Copenhagens largestcommercial district 



Six keywords and products that represent Hays designphilosophy



Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec,designers



Hays design philosophy seen through various collaboration works



Brand orientation reflectedin Hays market-conceptkitchenware collection



Dan Stubbergaard, founder and creative director of Cobe Architects


Hay products in homes and offices of Hay lovers


86 Fun & Functionality 


96Brand Story

Hays growth story and its proposition of new Danish design



The ideal balance of quality and price achieved through Hays manufacturing process



Hays Copenhagen office in charge of the brands creative side



Hays partnership with Herman Miller signals full-scale expansion into North America



Hays design foundation laid by prominent designers of 20th century Denmark



Rolf & Mette Hay, cofounders of Hay



Denmarks furniture market and Hays growth seen through numbers




125 Outro



Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Publishers Note


12 Headlines

Major media reports highlighting the significance of drones


16Into the Market

DJIs flagship stores built as a means to popularize new technology


20In the Manual

A beginners guide to drone terminology and regulations



Roland Siegwart, professor of autonomous systems at ETH Zürich



The worlds first commercial drone and its design evolution



A lineup of recreational drones designed for user convenience



DJIs goals seen through the specialized software in each drone model



Sangrae Jo, CEO of the online startup media platform Platum



People utilizing DJI products in their own individual ways


60Brand to Brand

Other tech products owned by DJI drone users


JaehwanJeong, professional aerial cinematography director



A lineup of professional drones designed to capture the most immaculate images



DJIs strong suits as testified by people in the video industry



Practical uses of drones in various fields


100Brand Story

DJIs growth as the Apple of the drone industry



Paul Pan, Product Manager at 118 DJI, and Natasha Gray, Senior Communication Manager forEnterprise at DJI


110Made in Shenzhen

How the development plan for Shenzhen has motivated the growth of Chinese enterprises



DJI creates a new industrial ecosystem through partnerships


118In the Media

Scenes from movies, television, and commercials filmed using drones


122 Figures

The growth of DJI and the global drone industry in numbers




125 Outro




Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Publishers Note


12 The Dream Car

Admirations of Porsche and 24 their praise-worthy features

in the media


16 Meet the Drivers

The value of the Porsche brand as testified by the members of the Porsche Club of America


20 Opinion

Karl-Heinz Volz, Head of Customer Center Individualization


24 Personalization

Step-by-step process of custom Porsche manufacture at Porsche Exclusive


30 Origin

The high-performance components hidden inside the body


36 Engineering

Eight key elements that characterize Porsche engineering


44 Opinion

Jinpyo Kim, Coach of Kumho Tires Ecsta Racing Team


48 Attraction

The brand as experienced by Porsche owners


58 Lifestyle

Stylish elements found in the personal spaces and lifestyles of Porsche owners


64 Opinion

Alexander E. Klein, Classic Car Collection Manager, Porsche Museum


72 In California

The status of Porsche and the car culture in the automotive mecca of Southern California


86 In Tokyo

Porsche culture in Tokyo, the city of aficionados


104 Brand Story

Why Porsche has become the worlds most desired sports car


112 Porsche Design Studio

21st-century brand imaging and the future of dealerships seen through the Porsche Design Studio in Milan


116 Insiders

The Porsche philosophy, people, and design defined by the insiders at Porsche


120 Talks

The secret to Porsches success as told by automotive journalists


124 Interview

Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG


128 Figures

The glory days of Porsche and the scale of its current success seen through numbers


131 References


133 Outro





Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Editors Letter


12 Perspectives

Four distinct perspectives on Maison Kitsuné


16 Exploration

Maison Kitsuné boutiques in Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul


22 Opinion

Gildas Loaëc, Cofounder and Creative Director of Maison Kitsuné


26 Label

The origin of Maison Kitsuné, the ever-expanding music label Kitsuné


34 Companions

Maison Kitsuné testimonies by those who witnessed its birth


40 Workshops

Artists who have redefined the parameters of the brands visual identity


48 Opinion

Alice Pfeiffer, fashion journalist and sociologist


52 Modern Parisien

Contemporary Parisians who discover inspirations for their work and style in the birthplace of Maison Kitsuné


62 Club Kitsuné

The natural and flexible lifestyles of Kitsuné fans


74 Opinion

Masaya Kuroki, Cofounder and Creative Director of Maison Kitsuné


80 Campaign

The brand campaigns tell spontaneous and fluid stories


84 Looks

The balance between classic and quirky in Maison Kitsuné apparel


92 Collaborations

Collaboration networks that bolster the brands presence


100 Kitsuné Vibes

Daily communication and connections happening at Café Kitsuné


108 Brand Story

Maison Kitsunés path of expansion from music to fashion to lifestyle


114 Keywords

Key elements that comprise the brand image


116 About Preppy

Preppy style seen in social contexts of each era


120 Atelier

Paris and Tokyo offices of Maison Kitsuné


126 People

Team members of Maison Kitsunés offices and cafés


132 Founders Favorite

The two founders tastes that became the basis of the brands sensibility


134 Figures

Maison Kitsunés business strategies and accomplishments in numbers


136 References


137 Outro










































Table of contents


02 Intro


09 Editors Letter


12 Impression

Kyoto seen through its scenery


18 Observers

Firsthand accounts on the beauty of Kyoto


22 Collected

Objects reminiscent of Kyoto


26 Overview

Sociocultural keywords and statistics that give a glimpse into the many sides of Kyoto


36 At Dawn

Waking up in Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel


42 Exploration

Walking courses in different areas that offer a taste of Kyoto


48 Coffee Culture

Kyotos cafés capture the ideal urban lifestyle


54 Dining Scene

Food industry experts describe the Kyoto dining culture

66 Local Tours

Traditional markets and bars encountered on local tours


72 Objects

Meaningful souvenirs picked up in Kyoto


74 Community

Kyotos tradition and originality found in communities that carry on family legacies


88 New Wave

New potential seen through the creators and innovators pushing local boundaries


96 Art Platform

Kyotographie celebrates Kyotos openness and respect for art


100 At Dusk

The Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto with a romantic nighttime garden


104 Understated

Colors found in Kyoto


112 Settlers

People from diverse origins speak about their lives in Kyoto


116 Harmonized

Global brands that embrace Kyotos unique sensibilities


122 Where to Go

Places to visit in Kyoto listed by different categories


128 References

Books with comprehensive accounts on Kyoto


133 Outro



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