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Education in Chemistry
:   Royal Society of Chemistry
ڵ [ISSN] :   0013-1350
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Education in Chemistry depends on contributions from readers. There are some do's and don'ts that can smooth the path of a manuscript.

Print or type your contribution on white paper, on one side only. Use double spacing and leave wide margins. Send a covering letter explaining what you would like done with your contribution, eg if you would like it to appear as a letter or a Column item.

We cannot consider manuscripts that have also been submitted to other magazines or journals for copyright reasons. If you seek particularly wide dissemination for a piece of work and want Education in Chemistry to cover it too, then contact the editor to discuss it.

Use SI units and IUPAC/ASE recommended nomenclature.

Like all journals and magazines, Education in Chemistry has a style for references (see Note 2), subheadings etc. Please familiarise yourself with the style.

Illustrations will be redrawn by a technical artist and printed in colour, so drawings need not be of a camera-ready quality, but they should be clear and unambiguous. Photographs should be used wherever possible, and should be provided in the form of glossy colour prints.


  Education in Chemistry

  Royal Society of Chemistry

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  Education in Chemistry 



  Education in Chemistry

  Royal Society of Chemistry


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